How We Support

We support new start-ups in four areas: Marketing, Technical, Business Development, Capital.



We provide our portfolio companies with tailor-made marketing support.



We provide knowledge and digital infrastructure to support the services necessary to be online.


Business Development

We provide startups with distinctive value. We support from product design to adjust with the market.



We provide early-stage capital to start-ups that exhibit high growth potential.


About Binancial

We support innovations in digital and traditional businesses. Binancial partners with startups, taking a long-term, founder-led approach to technical and strategic collaboration.

Bincoin Token

Bincoin is a DeFi token launched on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and with real utility.

Token name :


Token symbol :


Max Supply :


Token type :


Contract address :



  • Pancakeswap Liquidity

How to buy Bincoin

1. Install Metamask or TrustWallet wallet
2. Transfer BNB to wallet
3. Connect wallet to Pancakeswap Swap
4. Press Select a token and paste the BINCOIN address
5. Select pair BNB/BINCOIN to swap


Latest News

Soon: Listings on exchanges, new projects financed.

Let's talk

Do you have an idea or a seed project with a large market? Find out how Binancial could collaborate with your start-up.

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